Come With Us to See Bats

Bats are easy to see in huge numbers as they head out to look for food at dusk.

Bats are the only mammals capable of true flight.

With extremely elongated fingers and a wing membrane, stretched between, the bat’s wing anatomically resembles the human hand.

Over 1,200 bat species can be found worldwide, and bats make up over a fifth of all mammal species on earth.

Travel to see these majestic creatures with Kandang Exploration Studio.

Where in the USA Should You Go to See Bats?

Bracken Cave, Texas

Located in Texas, Hill Country, Bracken Cave is the summer home to the largest bat colony in the world. Millions of Mexican free-tailed bats live in this cave between March and October.

University of Florida Bat Barn and Bat House, Gainesville, Florida

Located across from Lake Alice on the University of Florida campus, the University of Florida Bat Barn and Bat House are home to three species of bats: Brazilian free-tailed bats, southeastern bats and evening bats. The critters can be seen emerging from the buildings 15 to 20 minutes before sunset.

Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico

Seventeen different bat species live in Carlsbad Caverns National Park. Most of the bats inhabit the caverns, but some roost in the park’s trees and rocky cliffs. Here, one can find a colony of Brazilian free-tailed bats. These bats have a wingspan of approximately 11 inches.

Tours to See Bats Around the World

Cairns, Australia

Located near the tropical rainforests of northern Australia, Cairns is home to a huge population of some of the largest species of bats in the world, called spectacled flying foxes. The bats inhabit the area because they can use the rainforests to search for food.

Monfort Bat Sanctuary, Samal Island, Philippines

The Monfort Bat Sanctuary holds a Guinness World Record for being home to the world’s largest known population of Geoffrey’s Rousette Fruit Bat. Approximately 2.5 million Geoffrey’s Rousette Fruit Bats live in the Monfort Bat Cave, located in Barangay Tambo, near Davao City.

Caves of Phang Nga, Thailand

Spanning 400 square kilometres and more than 100 islands, Phang Nga Bay is beautiful. It is also home to a number of sea caves that are inhabited by bats. In the famous "Bat Cave" thousands of bats can be seen hanging from the cave ceilings.

What Do You Know About Bats?

Bat Species

Over 1,100 different species of bats have been identified. This is approximately ¼ of all of the mammals in the world.

Fruit Bat

The Fruit Bat falls into the category of the Megabat and sometimes they are called the Flying Fox in some locations. They differ in size.

Vampire Bat

The Vampire Bat is a fascinating creature and one that has been a part of legends for centuries. This particular species of bats features a short muzzle that is cone-shaped.

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